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Designed for North American. Asian and European Vehicles equipped with 4,5,6,+speed planetary step-AT
MOMO RACING MV is a full synthetic, highly shear stable, multi-vehicle, red coloured, automatic transmission fluid that exceeds the requirements of Ford Mercon®V and GM Dexron®IIIH as well as many other manufacturers requirements. It is an advanced formula designed for optimum performance. ATF MV is particularly suitable for long drain use in 4, 5 & 6 + speed automatic transmissions in passenger cars, 4WD’ and light commercial vehicles. ATF MV Multi-Vehicle can be used in Toyota vehicles that specify Type T-II, Type T-III and Type T-IV, as well as in Nissan vehicles where Nissan Nissanmatic D, J, K & W are required. Suitable for use in Mitsubishi where SP2/SP3/PA is specified as well as in selected Honda, Hyundai, Subaru & Kia motor vehicles including applications where low viscosity fluids are required. ATF MV Multi-Vehicle can be used in GM Holden Astra, Barina, Zafira and Vectra 4 and 5-speed automatic transmissions. It can also be used in Chrysler / Dodge & Jeep automatic transmissions where ATF+3® or ATF+4® fluids are required. It can also be used where GM DEXRON® II and III fluids are recommended by the manufacturer.
Not for use in 6 and 8 speed ZF transmissions or 7 speed Mercedes Benz transmissions.
Not for use in Direct-Shift or Dual Clutch Gearboxes(DSG/ DCT) or Continuously Variable Transmissions(CVT)
Please refer to the service manual of recommendation guide for the correct applications.

**Recommend to be changed every 20,000km or 2 years whichever comes first.

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